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DMX-контроллер MAlighting SCANCOMMANDER

Универсальный программируемый DMX-контроллер
для управления динамическими световыми приборами.

MAlighting SCANCOMMANDER Manual: Скачать (English)
MAlighting SCANCOMMANDER Extension: Скачать (English)
MAlighting SCANCOMMANDER Release: Скачать (English)

  • 16 multifunctional fixtures with 24 functions each
  • Extension of capacity with the scancommander extension unit
  • Lamp types can be easily made or taken from the library
  • Direct choice of effects and units
  • Selective programming for free combination of presets and effects
  • Moving circle function
  • 5 macros with 50 operations each
  • 8 independent brightness potentiometers (HTP)
  • Up to 2,000 presets (LTP) can be stored in 16 sequences, 26 chasers and 104 memories
  • Extensive remote control possibilities with DMX, analogue, MIDI and SMPTE
  • Master-Slave-mode with a 2nd console or Scancommander Extensio

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